Is a Fortnite Wild West coming in Season 5? You bet!

While it has been rumoured for several weeks that Fortnite will be travelling back in time to for Season 5, it looks like Epic Games have confirmed it.

Many fans did believe that Season 5 was likely to be set in ancient times, or World War 2, but all signs now point to the Wild West.

Portal Delivery

Yesterday, a carriage appeared close to Moisty Mire and it would look at home in a John Wayne film.

Then there was the leak that showed the new map covered in sand and brush which again points to America in the 1800s.

Though some fans may be upset that is isn’t set really far back, or that there isn’t going to be an entirely new map, we reckon this one will be really cool – for these reasons:

1. The Guns

Epic could add some exciting new Western-themed weapons throughout Season 5. A caravan gun (i.e. a double barrel shotgun), or even a lever action rifle would be fantastic. Then there could be dual-wield revolvers that would fire slow, but dish out enormous damage.

2. The Skins

In all honesty, Season 4 skins have been very hit and miss. For the most part, the Battle pass skins are not my cup of tea at all, and the Omega skin just isn’t worth grinding to level 100.

However, you give me a John Wayne skin or a Wyatt Earp skin, and you’d have my attention. Of course, you could have some cool Native American skins as well, as long as they were culturally appropriate.

3. The Map

While the leaked map shows pretty much no changes other than there being desert, we hope Epic is making an effort with this one. We’d love to see some old taverns, and erm, gentleman’s houses added.

Maybe have the prison as a sheriffs outpost and have a Native America settlement somewhere nearby.

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