Dallas Fuel’s Seagull retires from Overwatch League and we’re all sad now.

Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned has decided to retire from Dallas Fuel and the Overwatch League. Instead, he is set to take up full-time streaming, following in the footsteps of former team-mate xQc.

Seagull played for Dallas in the inaugural Overwatch League, helping them to finish 10th with his brilliant flex plays with everyone from Genji to D.VA. In fact, his ability to play both DPS and Tank was a huge reason for Dallas finishing in fourth place during Stage four.

Seagull’s comments on retiring

However, after the first season wrapped up, Seagull has revealed that he is now wanting to focus on streaming full-time. He posted the announcement simultaneously on Twitter and Twitch and later said:

I genuinely felt that streaming is a community and I was killing it over and over again by choosing pro-play over it. I’m going to be a full-time streamer even with 3 or 4k viewers.”

But I built something and to see it slowly die because of choices I made, it was killing me as I was playing pro.”

Along with xQc, Seagull has become one of the most popular Overwatch streamers; rising to prominence during the beta for his amazing Genji plays.

He regularly pulls in over 15,000 viewers which, for an Overwatch stream, is extremely high. Now with him being full-time, we might just be getting some more duo-streams with xQc – like he did last night.

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