PUBG more popular than Overwatch? Well, apparently!

Even the most hardened PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans will agree that Fortnite is the bigger game at the moment.

The numbers don’t lie, with Fortnite having more than 650 million hours watched in May compared to PUBG’s 160 million. That spells out some difficult competition for PUBG in recent months.

However, over the past week, we have seen the PUBG Invitational charity event be a massive success. This was an event that was trying to take on the ELEAGUE Premier, Fortnite’s Summer Skirmish, and the grand final of the Overwatch League. So, you could forgive PUBG for lacking in views compared to the others, even with the likes of Shroud and Ninja playing in the event…

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

Incredibly though, PUBG were able to wipe the floor with two of their rivals. This tweet from SK co-founder Andreas Thorstensson is just as he says, interesting on so many levels.

The PUBG Invitational peaked at 39 million views in comparison to the inaugural Overwatch League final – which had been broadcasted on ESPN and Disney XD. Despite the considerable advertising and hype surrounding the Overwatch League final, and the established name that is the ELEAGUE Premier, both lost out.

What this does prove is the importance of good influencers. Shroud, Ninja and Dr Disrespect brought in massive viewership in comparison to out and out professional gamers, such as Carpe or S1mple.

One thing we should point out is that the PUBG Invitational did run for a week, but the peak night was Friday when both Fortnite and Overwatch were streaming.

Could this be the revival of PUBG, and can they close to the gap between them and Fortnite? Only, time will tell.

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