Have you been wondering how to counter Wrecking Ball? Well, we know the answer!

The newest Overwatch hero, Wrecking Ball, was released yesterday and is causing a right ruckus. If you’re looking for tips, one of the game developers has spoken up to ease your frustrations.

Wrecking Ball looks like it will be one of the most fun new heroes added to the game; I mean come on, it’s a freaking Hamster piloting a mech!

Added yesterday, July 24th, the tank has quite a unique playstyle; it being more about movement and swinging from objects. With the grappling hook, you can also get a verticle advantage; enabling you to drop a devastating piledriver. Terry Funk would be proud!

We now have a tank that can consistently get in on the action as well as quite literally rotate out if you want to flank. However, with it only being out for a day, Wrecking Ball or Hammond has not quite been figured out by all players, so game dev Geoff Goodman has given some tips in an interview with VG247.


“Occasionally, you have enemy compositions that are comprised of something like Orisa, some snipers, maybe Bastion, and they’re really tightly packed together behind Orisa or Reinhardt’s shield, In those cases, Wrecking Ball should be excellent,” said Goodman.

Snipers stop Wrecking Ball

With the Overwatch League finals this weekend, it will be interesting to see if any pros decide to use Wrecking Ball. If they do, the opponents will be looking to stack snipers as Geoff Goodman revealed.

One of Wrecking Ball’s most significant weaknesses are snipers. If the enemy team has multiple snipers spread out, he makes for a large target, and he can have trouble hunting them down individually.”

Anything that disrupts movement at all, even just briefly, can really mess him up.”

We’re looking forward to getting more time to learn Wrecking Ball and can’t wait to dish out some piledrivers. It’s great timing too for people to try Overwatch free this weekend.

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