Wondering how to play Overwatch for free?

If you haven’t played Overwatch on PC before, you’re in luck. Blizzard will make the game free to play from July 26 – 30, with all modes except competitive available for new players to try out.

This free weekend will coincide with the launch of the new hero Wrecking Ball who launches on July 24th. It also will be across the Grand Finale weekend, meaning you will be able to get hold of some free sprays for heroes if you do watch at least 1.5 hours of the event.

Heroes Wanted

If you do end up purchasing the game after the free event period, you will keep all your progression, skins, and any cosmetics that you unlocked. You will still be able to try the game for free on PC even if you have previously played on console, so why not join the ‘master race’.

The free period kicks off at 7 pm on Thursday, July 26th until Monday, July 30th at 8 am.