As endgame cards and meta teams swamp Fifa 21 Ultimate Team, quietly the Silver Stars community has been enjoying some interesting and exciting cards of their own. These cards have often been difficult to link and create chemistry from, and often are highly unexpected cards from players that haven’t had a place in the meta.

In that regard, FOF Juan Jesus is a game changer. Find out why, and how best to use him below.

A Rare Special Silver CB

The Juan Jesus base card can be often found marshalling the defence of many Brazil-based Silver teams, a popular choice in the community after the Summer Samba objectives brought us 4 extremely strong Brazilian cards to use. 

Special Silver cards for defenders have rarely popped up this year, with Scott Dann, Wes Morgan and Cristian Romero being the only other CBs with a special card. 4 cards in the entire year of FUT is certainly quiet.

This Juan Jesus card is like gold dust to the community when it comes to creating a rock-solid defence, albeit quite late in the game cycle.

Here I’ve demonstrated how to fit Juan Jesus into an all-Brazil team, as well as how I have added him into my full chem, hybrid meta team. The hybrid team also features the other Silvers Stars FOF card, Illan Meslier, and I’m confident many players will be wanting to find a way to have these 2 players in the same team on max chemistry.

The Brasilver Team

There is a wealth of great Brazilian cards to use in Silver Lounge, so this was not a difficult one to solve. Paulo Otavio’s Special LB card makes for an incredible centre back, using his immense pace (99 with the right chemistry style) to snuff out counterattacks. I opted for Rafael in goal as he has proved solid for me this year, and happens to be a strong link to Juan Jesus also. Wallace is a fairly average CB alongside, but again I opted for him due to the strong links it creates with Guilherme.

Max Chemistry Juan Jesus Hybrid Team

This one proved very tricky indeed, and I’m sure that there cannot be many combinations that work in this way. In order to get Meslier to max chemistry he needs to link to Premier League player, and in this case I used William Saliba. Saliba spent the season on loan, making his Arsenal card difficult to obtain. It does however pop up on the market occasionally, for around 5k coins.

Any french CB from Ligue 1 can go in the middle; I like Timothee Kolodziejczak (had to Google it!) for his strength and pace. You will notice this team is not currently at 100 chemistry, but it will become 100 after playing 10 games with this set of players, as the French CB’s will gain that 1 extra chemistry point for loyalty.

Don’t miss out on this card, it really is an exceptional one!

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