Could this be how to get Fortnite Galaxy skin for free? Well, in an ideal world, yes.

One of the biggest mysteries in Fortnite isn’t what the deal with that bunker in Wailing Woods. No, instead it is how on earth do you actually get the Galaxy skin?

Various YouTubers and kids bored on their summer holidays have claimed that the Galaxy skin will be coming to the shop. However, it appears that the only way to actually get it is by pre-ordering a Galaxy Note 9 or Tab 4. On the Samsung promotions website, they are running an offer that gives customers a choice between 15,000 vBucks and the skin or a pair of AKG headphones.

In this promotion, it clearly states that the skin is ‘unique’. This could very well suggest that like the PlayStation skins, it is only available on that platform. Despite this, there have been videos of players who have already got the skin and are playing on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Is It Coming To The Item Shop?

via SteviePax

Honestly, we don’t know. However, we have reached out to both Epic and Samsung for a comment to clear this up. More on that when we hear back.

Why It Won’t Come To The Shop

Here’s our argument why it won’t come to the shop; because, well, why should it? It is a promotional tool between Samsung and Epic Games, that could sway Fortnite players into buying the phone or tablet so that they get the skin.

Unlike the Skull or Ghoul Trooper Skins which are rare but were widely available, this one is only for Samsung customers only.

This skin shouldn’t be standard, because it required people to spend hundreds of pounds to buy a phone or tablet to receive it.

Why It Should Come

Epic has already made a promise to bring back older skins to give everyone a chance of buying them. We recently saw the Red Knight skin return on three separate occasions. While this certainly annoyed a lot of older players, it gave newer plays the chance to get a very nice skin.

A Compromise

Here’s how we see it. As long as you sign into Fortnite on a Samsung Note 9 or Tab 4, you should get the skin. Meaning that as long as someone you know allows you to do so, there is nothing to worry about. Epic could put a cap on, similar to the refund token, meaning only three friends could get the skin from one phone.


If you’re still wondering how to get Fortnite Galaxy skin for free, then it probably won’t happen… yet. Hopefully allowing friends to get it through tokens will be added but it looks like your best bet now is to splash the cash on a new phone.