Can the Heavy Sniper destroy Wailing Woods bunker? Well, unfortunately, it’s a no.

One of the biggest mysteries in Fortnite history is the bunker in Wailing Woods.

It appeared towards the end of Season three, and we’re still completely baffled as to its purpose. While people have glitched their way down there thanks to helping from a port-a-fort, no one has managed to figure out its secrets.

However, no one has managed to get down there with regular weapons, with that metal structure seemingly invincible. So, when Epic Games revealed a Heavy Sniper that will destroy any wall or structure with one shot. Anyone with half a brain would guess that the Heavy Sniper could actually be able to destroy the bunker door!

Naturally, I jumped into a game of Playgrounds and spent a good ten minutes trying to find a Heavy Sniper. I probably spent more time trying to find one than it will to write this piece, but never mind. Maybe it was the optimism or the fifth coffee of the morning running through my veins, but I really did think that it was going to work.


As you can see here I shoot it several times and nothing… NOTHING happened.

So, what are Epic planning with this bunker?! It has almost been four months since it was added to the game and nothing has happened with it! Hopefully, the end of Season 5 will bring the answers that we all want about the bunker.