Fortnite Week 7 challenges leaked!

We are almost two months into Fortnite Season 5, as the seventh week of challenges comes out this week. Epic Gaves has confirmed on Twitter that this week’s challenges won’t actually start until Friday. This comes the day after update V5.30 is implemented.

Despite the challenges not coming out until the end of the week, it looks like some already know them. Various Fortnite data-miners have apparently leaked what they believe to the Week 7 challenges.

As usual with these leaks, we would only take that at face value until Epic confirms them. With that being said, some accounts to have an excellent track record of being correct with them.

Are these the Week 7 challenges?

Last week had us looking for treasure between the giant stone heads and trying to complete annoying Time Trials.

So, what are we going to be doing this week? Well, searching chests in Lucky Landing, getting kills in Lazy Links and SMG eliminations. As per usual, there are the free, and Battle Pass challenges to do.

Do you think these will be correct? Let us know in the comments below.

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