Fortnite’s leaked skins and heroes are always the talks of the town, and the leaked Fortnite Robo-Ray Pack certainly deserves a spot there!

The Fortnite Robo-Ray pack is a recently-leaked bundle that has an upcoming hero with some cool cosmetics.

Read on to find more about this new hero and her release date!

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About Robo-Ray

As of v16.00, we’ve known that the Robo-Ray outfit is ready to be released but the hero isn’t. Her perk is Energy Siphon which is also Intergalactic Ken’s perk. She’ll be in the Ninja class which is equipped with Throwing Stars, Crescent Kick, and Kunai Storm.

Interestingly, she has more voice lines than any hero released in almost 2 years. She has full 3-minutes of voice lines that include troll-potted voice lines which are hardly seen in any modern heroes.

In the in-game files, her hero has a placeholder icon most likely indicating that she’s unfinished. This means that her perk may change among other things. Her icon as the 5th STW starter pack also was a Jonesy placeholder indicating that she’s unfinished.

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About The Fortnite Robo-Ray Pack

Robo-Ray has a Challenges Pack similar to all other STW starter packs. The starter pack is also likely to have the same challenges as all the other packs.

​The following are a part of the Fortnite Robo-Ray Pack:

  • Robo-Ray
  • Ray’s Smasher
  • BlueGlo Injector
  • 1000 Vbucks

Fortnite Robo-Ray Pack Release Date

According to Greasy, a reputated Fortnite leaker, this STW starter pack is going to release on April 16th. This also indicates that fans have only 3 more days to purchase the Machinist Mina Pack.

This information is currently not confirmed by Epic Games themselves.

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