Fortnite and DaBaby fans have been begging Epic Games on Twitter to give the rapper his very own skin within the game, could it ever happen? Here are our predictions and what we know about the situation.

Concerts taking place in Fortnite have become the new big thing, with artists such as Travis Scott, Marshmello, and Kaskade already having their own in recent years. You can check out Travis Scott’s full Astronomical Event in the video below!

Who Is DaBaby?

DaBaby’s real name is Jonathan Kirk, and he is one of the most popular American rappers of 2021. He was born and raised in North Carolina and has been creating music since 2014.

In more recent times, DaBaby has rose to fame with smash hit tracks such as ‘Rockstar’ and ‘BOP’. Kirk has even had consecutive number one albums featured on the Billboard 100. Quite the feat for someone who hasn’t even reached 30 yet!

But with DaBaby’s fame arguably at it’s peak, could we see the rapper in Fortnite anytime soon?

DaBaby x Fortnite Concert

As previously mentioned, huge stars such as Travis Scott and Marshmello have already performed their own concerts within Fortnite. So, could we soon see DaBaby perform in game?

Well, there’s no confirmation from Fortnite or DaBaby themselves, but it’s definitely a possibility. The two have already collaborated previously, as DaBaby has his very own emotes in the game. You can check out one of them in the Tweet below, which features his smash hit song BOP.

So, if Fortnite and DaBaby have already worked together once before, can it happen again? If a concert were to happen, it may still be a while away, as Fortnite has just held a concert for the popular artist Kaskade.

Will DaBaby Receive His Own Fortnite Skin?

What fans really want to see though, is a DaBaby skin included in the game. Epic Games are often barraged with players asking for a DaBaby skin, and some have even gone to the lengths to mock up their own version of what DaBaby could look like in the game. You can check it out below!

This is of course just a mock up by a fan, and not an official skin. But the idea is definitely cool, and Epic Games may soon give in to pressure after seeing the huge amount of love for a DaBaby skin within Fortnite.

As of writing though, the only DaBaby crossover confirmed by Fortnite is in the form of emotes that already exist in the game.

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