Just how popular is Fortnite? Look no further than these numbers!

TEO has revealed the most watched streams over the past week, and there should be no surprise who is number 1. The popularity of Fortnite continues to eclipse every other game on the streaming platform, Twitch.

Fortnite Represent

Topping the list is Ninja, who is still growing after Fortnite’s explosion. He’s earned an astonishing 6.9m hours watched and an average of over 90,000 concurrent viewers.


Ninja is miles ahead of second place Shroud – who may see his numbers drop thanks to a one month ban on PUBG. The former Cloud9 pro rallied 2.6m hours watched; 500,000 more than third place TSM Myth.

Despite being quite far behind Shroud, Myth has seen his figures shoot up from last month thanks to his recent 1v1s with FaZe tfue. These battles have given both pro Fortnite players good traction, with Myth having a whopping 116,000 max viewers at one time during a stream.

via http://insights.esportsobserver.com/

Incredibly, seven of the top ten are all Fortnite streamers, with the only Shroud, Sodapoppin, and xQcOW playing different games. Their combined numbers only just make up half of Ninja’s total hours watched, so it should put to bed any debate that either Ninja or Fortnite were dwindling in popularity.

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