The Shroud PUBG ban is both hilarious and kinda sad at the same time.

PUBG developers, Bluehole, have banned the world’s second most followed Twitch streamer.

Shroud may well be the biggest PUBG streamer – but he isn’t big enough to bend the rules. During one of his streams, he decided to get in a car with a hacker, and sit in the passenger seat while the hacker flew the car over the map. While this was a hilarious moment for both Shroud and the more than 30,000 viewers, we bet he’s regretting it now.

In fact, Shroud aka Michael Grzesiek is an affiliate of PUBG and is one of the most prominent faces that hasn’t left the game for bitter rivals Fortnite. However, on Monday, PUBG dished out a one-month ban to his main account.

This comes as PUBG Corp has been targetting more and more hackers – with a lawsuit recently won against a South Korean hack dealer.

One Month Ban

In a statement about the ban, Shroud revealed that he knew what he did was stupid and apologised to fans.

I was trying to have a good time. Obviously, I knew what the f*** I was doing. Which wasn’t a great idea. It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn’t a great idea.”

So I’m sorry to those peeps that are really upset with me with all the flying around with the cheater and stuff.”

I got banned for a month. So I’m sorry for those of you guys that were really upset. Ok?”

I was just trying to have some fun, and I knew exactly what I was doing, making a mistake. I could still play PUBG; I just can’t play on my account.”

During last nights stream, Shroud played Rainbow Six Siege for the entirety of it, and he might have to get used to some different games over the next month or so.