Nintendo fans who have been eagerly anticipating the release of Fire Emblem Engage DLC wave 4 won’t have to wait much longer. The release date is just around the corner and players will finally be able to use the new Fell Xenologue characters in the main story after completing the post-launch content.

Fire Emblem Engage is the latest addition to the iconic Nintendo series and since its release in January, the game has been widely celebrated for its romantic options and gameplay mechanics. With the upcoming DLC wave 4, players who own the expansion pass can expect to receive the final pack in the DLC series.

As fans gear up for the release of the final pack, anticipation is high for what’s to come in Fire Emblem Engage. The DLC wave 4 is expected to bring new and exciting content that will enhance the game’s already impressive experience. Fans can’t wait to explore the latest offering from the popular franchise.

Fire Emblem Engage Wave 4 DLC Release Date

Fire Emblem Engage fans can now mark their calendars for the much-anticipated release of DLC wave 4, Fell Xenologue. The release date is set for April 4th and 5th for North America and Europe/Japan respectively. While the exact release time has yet to be announced by Nintendo Switch, players can expect to be able to access the new content soon.

Those who wish to partake in the latest DLC offering can purchase the Expansion Pass for £26.99/$29.99 on the Nintendo Switch store. This is the final pack set to be released, and it is expected to bring exciting new content to the already popular game.

Is There a Set Release Time for the Fire Emblem Engage Wave 4 DLC?

No, there is no set release time for the Fire Emblem Engage Wave 4 DLC.

On Nintendo’s official website, it states that “DLC for games is not added at a regular cadence.” This means that it could drop at any point during the release window.


Fire Emblem Engage fans can expect exciting new content with the upcoming DLC wave 4, Fell Xenologue. Among the highlights is the introduction of new characters, Nel and Nil.

FireEmblemJP has confirmed that these allies will be useable in the main story after completing ‘Chapter of the Evil Dragon’. Players will be able to utilize them on the battlefield and engage in support conversations in Solanel.

The DLC wave 4 is also set to bring new class types, locations, and maps.

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