Slowly but surely, Zombies are creeping their way across the Warzone map.

After landing in Verdansk on the runaway ship, the Zombies have made their way through the fictional city to many prominent locations including the Prison and the Bank.

This is likely leading to a rejig of the whole map, but currently, there’s still plenty to do – like getting the Warzone Purple Access Card for the Bombardment Streak – here’s how you do it.

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What is the Bombardment Killstreak?

The Bombardment Killstreak is exactly like the Cluster Strike Streak, however, geared more towards the destruction of Warzone’s undead hordes.

Instead of aiming where players want this new Streak though, players are at the mercy of the game as the Bombardment Airstrike will only hit the area where the Zombies are active.

Players will notice that the Bombardment Streak is far more powerful than its Cluster Strike Counterpart – it’s just a shame it can’t be used more tactically.

How do I get access to the Warzone Purple Access Card?

There are a few steps that you’ll need to complete to gain access to this lucrative item and Streak.

  • First, head to the current location of the Zombies and activate them using the machine.
  • Then, kill every Zombie that appears and collect the Yellow Keycard.
  • Following that, open up the crate and grab the Protocol Key.
  • This key can then be taken to a Containment Monitor Station in exchange for the Bombardment Kill Streak.
  • Finally, it’s time to bring the chaos to the Zombie neighbourhood.

When is the new map/nuke event coming to Warzone?

Unfortunately, there’s currently no major info on this. While there have been some recent leaks showing what the map may look like, there’s been nothing firm on the date.

Initially, some players expected the map to drop around the end of March, however, that didn’t happen, so it’s likely to be at some point within the next month or so, around the time when the season finishes.

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