One of the biggest pre-major roster moves has been XANTARES to BIG. The former star player of Turkish roster Space Soldiers made a big change to the German lineup, replacing nex. Interestingly, it seems that XANTARES turned down arguably bigger opportunities with top 10 rosters to play with BIG. Here’s the latest on the BIG roster change.

XANTARES Turned Down FaZe and Mousesports

A previous report by neL of Vpesports stated that XANTARES turned down offers from FaZe and Mousesports before joining up with BIG.

This seems to be corroborated by former Space Soldiers teammate Calyx. In a Q&A stream paraphrased by furkany96, he claimed XANTARES turned down higher-ranked teams in favor of joining BIG.

It may seem like an odd choice to some- especially with Mousesports and FaZe both being consistent top 10 teams and even reaching top 3 in the world rankings at different points in 2018.

However, BIG may be the perfect fit for XANTARES. With Turkish IGL gob b and a Turkish CEO, he’ll likely feel more at home with the German roster.


The BIG move was confirmed by the organization last week.

XANTARES will take the place of nex, who’s currently suffering from a wrist injury impacting his play.

BIG has had a breakout year in 2018, scoring well at multiple events. Most notably, they managed to pick up 2nd place at ESL One Cologne, falling to NaVi in the grand finale.

The organization has made some interesting moves to bolster the team. Picking up British AWPer smooya and German rifler tizian has brought them to new successes.

Despite having mixed success with Space Soldiers, XANTARES has consistently been a top player. In fact, XANTARES even has the highest HLTV rating of all time, even matching s1mple.

With XANTARES now in the roster, it’ll be interesting to see what BIG can do in 2019- especially with the IEM Katowice 2019 major coming in February.

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