The Hidden Lake in Club Penguin remains a mystery to a lot of players in the game but we’ve got the answers for your right here.

Club Penguin

Screenshot: Club Penguin

Club Penguin is currently being played by millions around the world. The 2005 Disney classic has enjoyed something of a new boom given the current global situation.

Fans of the game are returning in their droves, while new players are also getting firmly stuck in.

But, like all games, there are nuances and problems within the game that some people just cannot solve. When it comes to Club Penguin, there are more than one of these issues.

Club Penguin

Disney’s Club Penguin (Wikipedia Commons)

Finding the Hidden Lake is right up there with one of the biggest frustrations. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered here at Elecspo.

Where to find the Hidden Lake in Club Penguin

There’s a couple of steps that need to be followed to find the Hidden Lake. Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you have the Black Moss key from the Underwater Kingdom.

Once you’ve obtained that via our useful guide above, you can make your way over the to the Hidden Lake.


You’ll need to click on the Forest on your map first. Then, once in the Forest, you should see a large looking rock to the left-hand corner of the screen.

If you hover your mouse over the rock, it moves and reveals an entrance. This entrance, of course, is the way to the Hidden Lake.

In there, you’ll find a host of treasures not available anywhere else on the map. Happy hunting Club Penguiners!

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