Pokemon Sword and Shield gyms are back, and they look bigger and better than ever. If we’re lucky, we may even see new Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym types.

The previous generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Moon, did away with traditional gym battles in favor of Island Challenges. However, we can confirm that gyms will be back in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

In fact, it seems the gyms of Sword and Shield will look drastically different from previous Pokemon games. Here’s what we know about Pokemon Sword and Shield gyms.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gyms are back

While Pokemon Sun and Moon experimented with four Island Challenges instead of 8 gym battles, Pokemon Sword and Shield will have gyms.

In addition to some pretty strong hints from the Pokemon Direct trailer, it’s also directly confirmed by the official Pokemon website.

You’ll visit the various Gyms in the Galar region, aiming for the enviable and admirable title of Champion!

That means we’ll likely go back to the traditional format of Pokemon games. However, gyms in Sword and Shield will have some differences.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gyms look like Stadiums

From what we can tell from the trailer, the gyms in Pokemon Sword and Shield will be much larger than in previous Generations.

A couple of scenes show the protagonist battling in huge stadiums which look like football pitches.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gyms

This also fits in with the apparent UK region of the new Sword and Shield region, Galar.

How many Pokemon Sword and Shield Gyms are there?

There are no details right now on how many gyms Pokemon Sword and Shield will have. However, eight gym battles seems like a safe guess.

The Galar region map seems to have around eight significant locations. With Sword and Shield following the traditional Gym format, there will most likely be eight gym battles followed by the Pokemon league.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Gym Types

The Pokemon types each gym leader will use is anyone’s guess.

For reference, Pokemon X and Y had gyms for Bug, Rock, Fighting, Grass, Electric, Fairy, Psychic, and Ice Pokemon.

The new Pokemon games will probably recycle some fresh types. Fire, Dragon, Flying, Ghost, Normal, Poison, Dark, and Steel gyms are all good possibilities.

There’s not much information out about the game right now, so anything could happen. We may even get a brand new Pokemon type to bring the game into the new generation.

Hopefully, we’ll get some new details for Pokemon Sword and Shield soon. However, fans can rely on gym battles making a return.

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