Ever dream of being a Pokemon master when you were younger? Nowadays it can be a reality- there are many competitive Pokemon games online and some people are even getting paid to play!

Whether you enjoy battling, Pokemon cards or just catching Pokemon, there’s a game out there for you. Here are some of the best competitive Pokemon games and Pokemon esports.

Pokemon Battles

If you like training up the top competitive Pokemon on games like Pokemon Sun and Moon then you could win prizes for battling!

In addition to in-game online battles, the Pokemon Company host worldwide Pokemon battle events. You can also find tons of online Pokemon tournaments and events through the Pokemon Global Link to put your skills to the test. You can also find cash tournaments through sites like Toornament.

Pokemon TCG Online

There’s a whole competitive scene for Pokemon Trading Card Game players with events and tournaments. But you can also play the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online on your computer or smartphone completely free.

Much like with other esports games, you can do daily challenges, play matches, and even compete in tournaments for in-game points. You can use these for new cards to build up a strong deck, so you don’t have to pay-to-play.

Pokken Tournament

This unique mix of Pokemon and Tekken might have the most successful competitive scene of any Pokemon game. Pokken Tournament is even featured at big events, with top players earning tens of thousands of dollars.

You can play the latest iteration, Pokken Tournament DX, on Nintendo Switch and WiiU.

Pokemon GO

It’s not quite a competitive game yet (unless you count competing to catch a Charizard at the local ALDI) but it’s still a huge online Pokemon game. Plus, with Niantic announcing Pokemon GO PVP by the end of 2018, it’s a good time to get involved.

Some people have even made money from the game by selling accounts on eBay or offering their services as professional Pokemon GO trainers on Craigslist. The game still receives updates to this day so if you need a Pokemon fix, download it on your smartphone.


Pokemon MMO Games – PokeOne, PokeMMO, Pokemon Revolution Online

Aside from the official Pokemon games, there’s a variety of fan-made MMOs that play just like the real thing! These are completely free to play so you can start catching and battling online.

Pokemon Revolution Online and PokeMMO are both long-running Pokemon MMOs. PokeOne is the latest. With a growing community and even Twitch streamers streaming PokeOne, it’s worth checking out for Pokemon fans.

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