While Nintendo can’t cram every character into the Smash Bros Ultimate roster, we do get homages to many characters via Smash Bros Ultimate Mii Costumes.

Right now, there are costumes representing characters like Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Dixie Kong, Isaac from Golden Sun, and many more.

But with Super Smash Bros Ultimate v3.0 coming up, who else could we get as a Mii Costume? Here are the top 5 Smash Bros Ultimate Mii Costumes we’d love to see in the game!

Smash Bros Ultimate Mii Costumes | 5 We'd Love to See

1. Knuckles (Mii Brawler)

Knuckles already appears in Super Smash Bros Ultimate as an Assist Trophy. However, he’d also make for an ideal Mii Brawler costume. The character relies on his fists, hence the name- who better to represent the Sonic series as a Mii Costume?

2. Sephiroth (Mii Swordfighter)

The chances of us getting another Final Fantasy character in the roster seem slim. But could we get one as a Mii Costume? Cloud’s arch-nemesis could make for a formidable Mii Swordfighter costume.

3. Solaire (Mii Swordfighter)

Solaire of Astora is wanted by many fans as a Smash Bros Ultimate DLC player. But, failing that, he’d make a great addition as a Mii Swordfighter outfit. It’d give Nintendo another way to represent fan-favorite third party characters.

4. Geno (Mii Gunner)

Geno was already a Mii costume in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and WiiU. However, once again he’s gone in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. If he doesn’t somehow make it to the roster, he should make his return as a Mii Gunner outfit.

5. Master Chief (Mii Gunner)

It’s an ambitious choice, but there are rumors about The Master Chief Collection coming to Nintendo Switch. If Nintendo and Microsoft can co-operate on new content, we could get some incredible new costumes. Master Chief would fit the Mii Gunner role perfectly.

More Ideas for Smash Bros Ultimate Mii Costumes

There’s really no end to ideas for Smash Bros Ultimate Mii Costumes. Here are a few more characters which could make it in.

Funky Kong, Lanky Kong, Evil Deity Link, Sylux, M. Bison, Vega, Tails.

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