The Smash Bros Ultimate Joker DLC is coming this April. But what will the Smash Bros Ultimate Joker moveset look like?

Recent leaks from a BestBuy promotional picture show us what Joker might look like. Yet, with no gameplay footage to go off, we don’t know his specific moves or Final Smash.

With that said, there’s a lot to go off from his appearance in Persona 5 and his reveal trailer. Here’s what we might see in the Smash Bros Ultimate Joker moveset.

Smash Bros Ultimate Joker Moveset

In Persona 5, Joker uses a knife and a gun. These could translate into his Smash moves.

Much like characters like Wolf and Fox, Joker’s Neutral B could allow him to use his gun at long range to damage enemies. Close up, he might look more like Pit or Young Link, using his blade to attack quickly at short range.

Meanwhile, Joker can also call on a wide range of ‘Persona’s which give him different abilities. These would likely be used for his special moves.

With many different Personas, Joker could work a little like Shulk, who switches between Monado Arts. It’s also possible that his moves will simply be based on different Personas.

Jack Frost will likely make an appearance as one of the most recognizable Personas in the series. This would give Joker an ice move much like Lucas’ PK Freeze.

Joker’s initial persona, Arsene, is also bound to appear. This could give him moves like Cleave and Dream Needle which would damage opponents with a blade.

Joker has a lot of potential when it comes to movement. The stealth aspect of Persona 5 sees him dash from cover to cover, which could be used in his Dash Attacks. His natural agility will likely give him a high jump for recovery.

Smash Bros Ultimate Joker Final Smash

There are a few possibilities for Joker’s Final Smash. While they could go with one of the most powerful special moves in the game, it would likely be a spoiler for new fans.

The most likely is an All-Out Attack. This attack sees Joker and his party members attack the enemy together. It’s an iconic move in the Persona series which would be a natural fit for the Smash Bros Ultimate Joker moveset.

We’re likely to see more information on how Joker will work in the game later this month. Especially with new hints about Joker’s release date.

Smash Bros Ultimate Joker leak – Best Buy leaks Joker’s render

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