With the Smash Bros Ultimate Direct tomorrow, one of the interesting character possibilities is the Chorus Kids from Rhythm Heaven. Smash Bros Chorus Kids leaks surfaced all the way back in Smash Bros for WiiU and 3DS. Although they never made it to the game, new leaks suggest they could be in tomorrow’s announcement.

Smash Bros Chorus Kids Leaks – Smash 4

Rumors for a Rhythm Heaven character stem all the way back to Smash Bros for WiiU. A Smash 4 WiiU data miner found references to ‘Rhythm’ in the game’s database amongst other characters.

A popular theory is that a Rhythm Heaven character was planned for the game but later removed in favor of others. While this could be a character like Karate Joe, the most likely possibility is that it would be the mascots of the game- the Chorus Kids.

While it’s not the most popular series, Rhythm Heaven is a Nintendo-created series that’s made appearances on many consoles. Chorus Kids would make a unique addition to the Smash Bros roster. But while it didn’t happen in Smash 4, it could for Ultimate.

Smash Bros Chorus Kids Leaks – Smash Bros Ultimate

The chances for Chorus Kids in Smash Bros seem more likely now, thanks to a recent leak showing them (far right) on the Smash Bros ‘Everyone is Here’ banner art.

Smash Bros Ultimate Roster Leaks

The picture was allegedly leaked by an employee of a printing company working with Bandai Namco. It reveals the Chorus Kids in addition to numerous other characters such as Shadow and Ken in Smash Bros Ultimate.

There have been many fake leaks in Smash Bros history, so this doesn’t necessarily confirm anything. However, this is one of the most substantial leaks to surface. New promotional art surfacing now could be for Nintendo Live 2018- an official event with a Smash Bros Ultimate tournament.

It also fits right in with the recent Smash Bros Ultimate Direct announcement. The new Smash Bros Direct airs November 1st and is set to be the final one before the game’s launch. That means we’ll know tomorrow whether the Smash Bros Chorus Kids leaks are legit.

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