Over the past year or two, PVP has become a vital and incredibly popular element within Pokemon GO.

At the start of the pandemic, Niantic introduced a range of changes that made the GO Battle League more accessible, including removing the walking requirements. Ultimately, this caused a surge in popularity.

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This has meant that alongside raids, trainers have another reason to collect and level up the most powerful Pokemon in the game.

With that, looking at a range of different possibilities, here are the five Strongest Pokemon in Pokemon GO as of April 2021.

Strongest Pokemon based on CP.

One element that is worth looking at is a Pokemon’s CP. This is a number calculated by combining the Pokemon’s underlying base stats of Attack, Defence and HP.

According to this, here are the five Pokemon that currently have the highest max CP.

5. Zekrom/Reshiram/Dialga – Max CP 4038 (4565 with XL Candies)
4. Kyogre/Groudon – Max CP 4115 (4652 with XL Candies)
3. Mewtwo – Max CP 4178 (4724 with XL Candies)
2. Regigigas – Max CP 4346 (4913 with XL Candies)
1. Slaking – Max CP 4431 (5010 with XL Candies)

So, while max CP is a great indicator of strength, it can be a little deceiving.

Clearly Slaking is the king of this area, however, it doesn’t come close to cracking the meta due to the fact that its only fast move, Yawn, does 0 damage.

Much like Slaking, Regigigas also sports a high CP but doesn’t really shake up the meta due to its Normal typing and average moveset.

The others on the list, however, deserve to compete for the crown.

Based on Attack Stat

Another way to look at the strongest Pokemon is purely based off their attack stats.

Here are the top five in that category.

5. Slaking – 290 Attack
4. Archeops – 292 Attack
3. Rampardos – 295 Attack
2. Mewtwo – 300 Attack
1. Deoxys – 345 Attack

So, Mewtwo shows up again and rightly so, however, the others are a little questionable.

Slaking suffers from its fast move and Rampardos, Archeops and Dexoys Defense stats struggle in a major way due to their high Attack.

Strongest Pokemon Based on the Current Master League Meta.

If you want another way to look at it, then the current Master League Meta is probably the way to go.

This way picks out the Pokemon that are likely to perform best in the Master League and ultimately, that’s what we all want.

Here are the top five according to PVPoke.

5. Giratina (Origin)
4. Melmetal (XL)
3. Groudon
2. Swampet (XL)
1. Landorus (Therian XL)

As stated, if you’re looking for the Pokemon that are most likely to help you rack up wins in Pokemon GO, these are the ones for you.

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