If you’re playing Pokemon GO at the moment, you’re probably well aware that the game is undergoing its Rivals’ Week event.

The event focuses on, as you could probably guess, Pokemon that have fierce rivalries with one another.

Because of this, lots of interesting Pokemon have been appearing in the wild, including Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee plus Zangoose and Seviper.

This has lead people to ask “Can Zangoose be Shiny in Pokemon GO?” – let’s take a look.

What does a Shiny Zangoose look like?

Generally, Zangoose is one of the more interestingly designed Pokemon.

It looks like a cross between a cat, a mongoose and David Bowie – sporting eccentric red zig-zags across its body.

While Zangoose’s Shiny form doesn’t do anything wildly different to the non-shiny variant, it’s still cool.

The Pokemon’s vivid red markings are replaced with blue ones and with them, its eyes turn blue.

So, can we find a blue one in Pokemon GO?

For those players looking to catch a Shiny Zangoose, I have good news – it’s available!

Zangoose, alongside its rival Seviper, had its Shiny form released back in September 2019 as part of World Tourism Day.

The Pokemon GO event saw those two, plus Mime Jr. have their Shiny variants released in the game.

Although Pokemon GO research site TheSilphRoad doesn’t have enough overall data to make a claim on Zangoose’s Shiny odds, it is likely to fall in the regular 1/500 base pool.

What other Shiny Pokemon are available as part of Rivals’ Week?

As stated, Rivals’ Week introduces lots of interesting Pokemon into the wild, may of which have already had their Shiny forms released.

Here is a list of the Rivals’ Week boosted spawns (including raid bosses) that are available in their Shiny variants, alongside Shiny Zangoose within Pokemon GO:

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