One of the most exciting things for many Pokemon GO players is the addition of new Pokemon into the game.

It offers players the chance to fill another gap in their Pokedex, presents the potential for a future shiny Pokemon and opens the door to the PVP meta being shaken up.

Currently, the game is undergoing a new event called “Rival’s Week”. This event focuses on Pokemon which don’t always see eye to eye and as part of it, Niantic has introduced two new Pokemon – Skrelp and Clauncher.

With that, let’s take a look at Skrelp’s evolution, Dragalge, its best moveset, max CP and if it can make a dent in the meta.

Dragalge Max CP and Other Details.

Dragalge is a Poison/Dragon-type Pokemon.

This means it has a multitude of weakness including Ground, Psychic, Ice and Dragon-type moves. However, alongside its weaknesses, it has a solid range of resistances including Fighting, Poison, Bug, Fire, Water and Electric-type moves, with an even stronger resistance against Grass-types.

When powered up regularly, Dragalge has a max CP of 2383, however, when powered up with XL Candies, its max CP rises to 2694.

Dragalge Best Moveset

If you were planning on using Dragalge in the Great League, your best moveset would be:

In terms of both the Ultra League and Great League, you’re going to want to consider using:

How does it fare in PVP?

The honest answer is not very well. Not very well at all.

In the Great League, it might offer an interesting niche choice, however, PVPoke has it down as the 236th best Pokemon choice in that league.

It’s outperformed by a range of Dragons including Alteria, Zweilous, Flygon, Dragonair, Dragonite and more.

In terms of Poison-type Pokemon, Venusaur, Toxicroak, Alolan Muk, Beedril and Roserade beat it, to name a few.

Things don’t look much better for Dragalge in the Ultra or Master Leagues. While its XL form is ranked slightly higher in the Ultra League, sitting at 166 in the rankings, it is still severely outclassed by a myriad of other Pokemon.

The Master League is even more troublesome. Although its XL form is at 225 in the rankings, the sheer range of powerful Dragon-types in this league renders it mostly pointless.

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