Following the huge success of Stage 1 of the inaugural Overwatch League, all eyes are looking towards Stage 2.

In fact, the popularity of the Overwatch League is only getting stronger, especially thanks to the incredible ending to Stage 1, with London Spitfire beating New York Excelsior in a stunning game.

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Overwatch League has been more popular than League of Legends tournaments in January

With everyone looking forward to the beginning of Stage 2, here’s a handy breakdown for everything you need to know about it.

When does it begin

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After a brief week or so of downtime, the League will kick-off once again on Feb 22nd.

In fact, in the opening round of Stage 2, we’re treated to some absolute classics with Seoul Dynasty taking on Los Angeles Valiant and an epic repeat of the Stage 1 playoffs as Houston Outlaws face London Spitfire.

And then two days later we get a repeat of the Stage 1 final as Spitfire take on Excelsior, which should again be an excellent watch.

Which games should I watch?

Absolute the repeat of both Spitfire vs Outlaws and Spitfire vs Excelsior.


Reports: Shanghai Dragons to sign first ever female Overwatch League player

However, we should begin to take notice of Shanghai Dragons. They may have finished rock bottom in the Stage 1 League, but the news that they may just have one of the best Overwatch players joining them, in the form of Kim Se-yeon aka Geguri.

Shanghai were actually pretty awful, but the addition of the first-ever Overwatch female player could just make you tune in to watch history be made.

Who will win?

A really hard question to answer at this moment.

Obviously, there will be a little more pressure on the likes of London Spitfire and New York Excelsior following their excellent Stage 1 performances.


However, Seoul Dynasty, under the leadership of Je-hong Ryu aka ryujehong, they might just be able to turn some heads and surprise plenty of fans as dark horses for Stage 2.

Whomever you support, most teams do actually stand a chance, though the like of Shanghai and Florida will need a miracle if they want to even qualify.

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