Update: Smash Bros Ultimate Direct November 1st! What To Expect & How To Watch

The next Nintendo Direct for November could come very soon according to leaks. Rumor has it there will even be two Nintendo Directs for November! This very likely means a new Smash Bros Direct for Smash Bros Ultimate news.


The leaks came from Gaming INTEL, a source known for many correct leaks regarding past Nintendo Directs, in addition to other games such as Call of Duty. According to their website, a source has stated that Nintendo Direct November could get an announcement today.

Nintendo usually announces Nintendo Directs on Twitter between 6 – 9 am PT. Fans should keep a close eye on @Nintendo and @NintendoAmerica for the next few days. So what will Nintendo Direct November cover?

New Smash Bros Ultimate Direct?

Rumors have circulated for the past week that new Smash Bros Ultimate news is coming very soon.

A leak of new Smash Bros Ultimate art surfaced showing 7 new characters- Banjo Kazooie, Shadow the Hedgehog, Isaac, Ken, Chorus Kids, Geno, and Mach Rider. With Smash Bros Ultimate’s December 7 release date coming up, a huge announcement is in order.

What’s more, Nintendo Live 2018 starts this Friday the 2nd of November. With a big Smash Bros Ultimate tournament coming, Nintendo may reveal the new additions shortly before the tournament starts.

A Smash Bros Ultimate direct would generate huge hype for the game. There could be new character trailers, new stage reveals, and the unveiling of the Smash Bros Ultimate Story Mode.

More Nintendo Direct November News

According to the recent leak, there will be two Nintendo Direct broadcasts in November. Whereas one for Smash Bros Ultimate would make sense, there’s likely a lot more Nintendo news to reveal before Christmas.

Gaming INTEL claims a Nintendo Direct could come between November 5 – 12. With Nintendo Live Kyoto starting on November 23, a Nintendo Direct could also tie into that event.

Nintendo Direct September gave us announcements and teasers for games like Luigi’s Mansion 3 and a new Animal Crossing for Switch. We may see some more details on these in addition to brand new games.


Nintendo also registered trademarks for Golden Sun, Rhythm Heaven, Mario Super Sluggers, and Wrecking Crew earlier this year. We could see some brand new games from these series.

Nintendo also filed a patent for N64 earlier this year, so we may see an announcement for an N64 Classic Mini console. We’ll keep on top of all the latest news, so be sure to follow @Elecspo.

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