Big things are happening for Nintendo in April 2019.

There’s the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Spring Update, rumors of Persona 5 for Switch, and rumors of an April Nintendo Direct. 

Will there be a Nintendo announcement for Persona 5 S?

Joker from Persona 5 in Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Challenger Pack 1!

Persona 5 for Switch Incoming

Atlus recently updated their long-standing domain to inform fans of an upcoming announcement on April 25th.

While Persona 5 R: The Royal is now confirmed, “P5S” seems to suggest there’ll be a Persona 5 Switch release.

Whether this will be a port of the original Persona 5 or a Switch release of the upcoming Persona 5 R is yet to be seen. But it’s almost guaranteed Persona 5 will come to the Switch in some form.

This also comes along with the release of Joker for Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The first paid DLC character will enter the roster before the end of April.

Nintendo Direct Persona 5 S?

The rumors around Persona 5 Switch accompany speculation of a potential Nintendo Direct for April 2019.

Many fans now wonder if there’ll be a Nintendo Direct Persona 5 S announcement, although this may not be the likeliest prospect.

The date of the P5S announcement, 25th April, will be during the Persona Super Live 2019 Concert.

That means that the announcement of Persona 5 S, and Joker’s release for Smash Ultimate, will likely come during the official Persona event.

Will We Get an April Nintendo Direct?

So will there even be an April Nintendo Direct? There has been a lot of speculation about it and fans are anticipating big announcements from Nintendo. IGN even made their own April Fools Nintendo Direct to catch fans off guard.

However, the announcement for Persona 5 S will more than likely come during the Persona Super Live 2019 Concert. This would remove the need for a Persona 5 Nintendo Direct announcement.

Plus, with big upcoming events in the summer such as E3 2019, Nintendo may save their biggest announcements for then.


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