Last week, Nintendo revealed 5 new Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters in a special Nintendo Direct announcement. However, with 103 stages and 600 music tracks confirmed, you can bet there’ll be more characters to come. Many Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaks and rumors have shown up online to suggest who will be next.

While most are fake, there do seem to be a few people who know what’s going on long before we do. Here are some of the more legitimate Super Smash Bros Ultimate leaks online.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 4Chan Leaks – Rayman, Funky Kong, Black Shadow

Many leaks have been posted on 4Chan, some more legitimate than others. Reddit user Steamour compiled these to separate the fakes from the potentially real ones.

Another 4chan Leak Of Sorts, Take It With A Grain Of Salt As Always. from smashbros

According to a user who previously leaked Simon Belmont, Chrom, and Dark Samus appearing, Black Shadow, Funky Kong, and Rayman will join the roster.

Black Shadow is one of the main villains from the F-Zero series. With villains like Ridley and King K. Rool joining, it seems logical that Captain Falcon’s nemesis will also show up.

Despite being owned by Ubisoft, many Rayman games have appeared on Nintendo such as Rayman Raving Rabbids. Ubisoft also collaborated with Nintendo on the recent Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. A Ubisoft rep in the game appears likely.

Funky Kong is another character from the Donkey Kong Country series. He could follow King K. Rool to Smash 5 and become an Echo Fighter for Donkey Kong.

There are also rumors of ‘Spirit Mode’- a story mode featuring bosses such as Dracula from CastleVania.

The next Smash Bros announcement is expected to happen on the 24th of September. This is just after the Tokyo Game Show 2018, which Nintendo will attend.

GameFAQs Smash Bros Ultimate Leaks – Skull Kid, Isabelle, Gen 7 Pokemon

A leaker on the GameFAQs forum known as Vergeben leaked that Ridley and Simon Belmont would 100% appear in the game before it happened. Another user named Loz18 also correctly leaked some features such as Inkling’s moves.

These two users have provided a lot of upcoming info from supposedly trusted sources.

Skull Kid, Young Link’s adversary from the timeless Majora’s Mask, is the most likely to appear. With the Moon replacing him in the Assist Trophies, this one seems extremely likely.

According to the leaks, Isabelle from Animal Crossing may also make an appearance, either as an Echo Fighter for Villager or a brand new fighter.

It’s also claimed that a Gen 7 Pokemon will be included- most likely either Incineroar or Decidueye. Neither are included in the Pokeball Pokemon, suggesting they could be fighters instead.

The roster could also include a Rhythm Heaven character- either the Chorus Kids or Karate Joe.

Other characters questionably appearing include Geno from Super Mario RPG, Amaterasu from Okami and even a Minecraft representative. You can view information of all of these leaks on the SSB Wiki.

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