The Smash Bros Ultimate Direct revealed a ton of exciting news. Not only will we be getting New Smash Bros Ultimate Characters, but the game will also feature 103 stages, including some brand new Smash Bros Ultimate Stages!

Sakurai revealed in the Smash Bros Ultimate Direct video that all of the stages from previous iterations of the game would be returning.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to choose between Battlefield and Omega forms (optimized for competitive play) for all 103 stages included. You’ll also be able to choose Stage Morph mode, allowing you to morph between any two stages mid-battle.

Classics like Shadow Moses (Metal Gear Solid), Great Bay (The Legend of Zelda), Pokemon Stadium, Final Destination, and Brinstar Depths (Metroid) will be returning.

We’ll also see a few brand new Smash Bros Ultimate Stages.

New Smash Bros Ultimate Stages – New Donk City Hall (Super Mario Odyssey)

One of the biggest reveals was the inclusion of New Donk City Hall from Super Mario Odyssey as a Smash Bros Ultimate stage.

The battlefield version will include elevating platforms, with skyscrapers in the background and even a band playing the main theme from the game, ‘Jump Up, Super Star!’

New Smash Bros Ultimate Stages – Dracula’s Castle (CastleVania)

There was plenty for CastleVania fans to get excited about in the announcement. In addition to Simon and Richter Belmont joining the roster, the classic stage Dracula’s Castle will be in Smash 5.

The stage features bosses from across the CastleVania series. Even Dracula himself can make an appearance- although the conditions of how haven’t been revealed yet.

You can also break candlesticks to unleash items- just like in the real game.

Smash Bros Ultimate will also feature 34 tracks from across the CastleVania series. While you play on Dracula’s Castle, you can listen to tunes like Vampire Killer, Mad Forest, Wicked Child, and Simon Belmont’s Theme.

More New Super Smash Bros Ultimate Stages?

With 56 stages in Smash 4 and 103 announced for Smash 5, we’re likely to see more new stages revealed in the upcoming months.

With the addition of King K. Rool to the roster, you can expect King K. Rool’s Ship Deck to make an appearance, along with a new remix of his theme music.

Plus, with more new Super Smash Bros Ultimate characters still to be announced, we’re likely to see a few more new stages. Keep your eyes peeled over the next few months!

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