New Overwatch hero Wrecking Ball rolls out next week with an official release date of July 24.

Blizzard confirmed the news via their Twitter feed yesterday.

The mech-riding hamster has been available to play via the Public Test Region for the past few weeks. As of next week, he’ll be available for competitive play across all regions.

New Overwatch Hero Hammond comes in like a Wrecking Ball

The Tank hero is a scientifically-engineered Hamster called Hammond, although the character’s official on-screen name is Wrecking Ball. He rides a mech capable of transforming into a wrecking ball delivering moves such as ‘Roll’ and ‘Pile Driver’.

Wrecking Ball is Hero 28 overall and the 7th to be added since OW’s launch. With high health and decent damage, he’ll make a good alternative to heroes like D.Va and Zarya.

As always the new Overwatch hero will add another layer to the metagame. We’ll see who decides to play Wrecking Ball first in the Overwatch League soon enough.

Wrecking Ball Abilities and Stats

Many players have been testing out Overwatch Hero 28 via the PTR. Here’s a breakdown of Wrecking Ball’s stats and abilities.

Abilities for Overwatch Hero Wrecking Ball

Primary Fire: Quad Cannons delivering 5 damage per shot at 25 shots a second.

Secondary Fire: Grappling Claw hitting enemies within 18 meters for up to 50 damage. You can also use it to swing from obstacles and pick up speed. Has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Abilities: Wrecking Ball can roll with Shift for an infinite amount of time, offering double the speed at the sacrifice of not being able to use weapons.

His E ability is an Adaptive Shield reducing damage for 7 seconds and adding 100 armor if no enemies are nearby.

Using your crouch button mid-air performs “Pile Driver”, slamming down and damaging enemies for 20-100 damage.

Ultimate Ability: Hammond’s ultimate ability is Minefield, deploying a series of mines that can damage enemies for up to 130 damage.

Along with his 500 health, 100 armor, and ability to knock people back at high-speed in roll form, new Overwatch Hero Wrecking Ball looks to be just the tank hero we need.

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