It was a great week 6 in the NA LCS for Smoothie and Echo Fox, all the way up until the 30-minute mark of their second game of the weekend. They easily dismantled the first place FlyQuest squad in their first match and were well on their way to a second win. Then C9 turned up the heat, nabbed a baron and closed out the game.

Instead of Echo Fox going 2-0 and remaining in first place in the league, it was C9 who took control. They went 2-0 on the weekend and vaulted up from last place to tied for sixth. Echo Fox dropped to third place and the NA LCS is still anyone’s for the taking.

C9 vs Echo Fox Match Highlights


Of course, this wasn’t just a normal match between Echo Fox and C9. Last week, C9 traded Smoothie to Fox, who promptly promoted him to a starting role, alongside Lost from their academy team. Smoothie admitted before the match that he was still a little salty about being benched by C9 earlier in the year and he was ready for some friendly revenge.

Fortunately for him, he got it on an individual level at least. While C9 took home the win, it was Smoothie who played a dominant game on Braum. He had four kills, including two on the man who stole his starting position, Zeyzal. Still, Cloud9 were the victors and that means that Echo Fox and Smoothie will have to wait until next split or possibly playoffs if they really want further revenge.

Next week, Echo Fox will face CLG and TSM in their quest to earn back the top spot. C9 will match up against Clutch Gaming and CLG.

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