It’s a tight race at the top of the NA LCS leaderboard. Team Liquid sits in first place with a record of 10-4, but 100T and Echo Fox are right behind them tied for second.

Week 8’s first game is also stacking up to be its best. 100T vs Echo Fox features two of the year’s best NA teams battling it out for a first place spot. The winner will find themselves in sole possession of second place and possibly tied for first at the end of the day. The loser will be relegated to third.

All eyes will be on the bot lane for these two teams. Aphromoo is the rock for 100T and in their week 5 match, the 100T bot lane was a combined 11/4/14 compared to Fox’s 0/7/8. The big difference now is that Fox has an entirely new bot lane.

100T will have to face the new and improved Echo Fox bot

100 Thieves Aphromoo NA LCS

Back then it was Altec and Feng struggling in nearly every match they played. Now it’s Smoothie and Lost, both of whom have getting better and better each week. In their first match vs C9 (the only one they’ve lost), they clearly weren’t on the same page at times. Now though, they’ve had almost three weeks together and look to take down one of the strongest duos in NA.

But it isn’t all about the bot lane. Huni is finally reverting back to form and Dardoch has  proven to be one of the best junglers in North America. For 100T, AnDa is finally showing signs of life and Ssumday has been lights out in the top lane.

Both teams have a difficult remaining schedule, so neither can afford to lose this game if they want to earn a bye in the first week of playoffs. 100T will face TSM, Cloud9 and OpTic to finish the regular season. Echo Fox has OpTic, Liquid and Clutch remaining.

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