The LCK is great. So are the LPL and EU LCS, but the NA LCS is the most competitive league in esports. Not just in League of Legends mind you, but in all of esports.

The Overwatch League had a 0-40 team and that pretty much disqualifies them from the conversation immediately. Rocket League, Dota 2, CS:GO and other esports and their respective leagues are competitive, but there’s just too much discrepancy between the top and bottom teams.

Just Three Wins Separate First and Last in the NA LCS

In the NA LCS, just one win separates first place Echo Fox from seventh place Golden Guardians. In fact, there’s a four-way tie for first place and a three-way tie for what is technically fifth. Even the league’s last place team, Cloud9, is only three wins removed from the top spot and is still well within the fight for a playoff spot.

Fans, analysts and players often refer to North America as the ‘for fun” region. That’s because NA is seen as having a more laissez-faire attitude towards the meta and the game itself. Whether or not this is true, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the NA LCS is unequivocally the most competitive league.

There are already teams in nearly every other region who are mathematically eliminated from playoffs. H2K haven’t even been able to win a game yet in the EU LCS and G-Rex, Team WE and bbq Olivers have a combined four wins between them.

Week 5 NA LCS Standings

None of this is to say that NA is better than any of the other region, but it is certainly more exciting. Each game is so evenly matched and there’s so much on the line that there’s truly never a dull moment. On the flipside, nobody really cares what happens when Giants Gaming takes on H2k or Unicorns of Love because the matches have no impact on the league as a whole. All three teams are already essentially eliminated from playoffs and there’s almost no star power between them.

And don’t think that NA is highly competitive because they’re a bunch of low-tier players. Between Huni, Doublelift, Aphromoo, Bjergsen, Huhi, PowerofEvil and Ssumday, the NA LCS has some of the biggest names in all of League of Legends.

All that’s left now is for NA to perform at World’s, where they’ve routinely struggled. If they can do that, then maybe people will start to take them more seriously on an international level.

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