Things were going so well for G2 Esports, but it’s been almost all downhill since they lost to Echo Fox in their final match of Rift Rivals. The encumbered squad has dropped three out of their last four games and were embarrassed by Roccat on Saturday.

We’ll start with the good news. G2 put a stop to their losing streak on Friday night with a win against Vitality. They played a slightly different funnel comp with Perkz on Taliyah and Jankos on Shen. It wasn’t a dominant win, but both Taliyah and Hjarnan’s Brand were seriously fed early on and by the time G2 took their second Baron at 35 minutes, they were just too much for Vitality to handle.

It was a bad weekend for Vitality as they lost their Saturday match against Splyce as well, but that was nothing compared to what G2 endured against Roccat.

Roccat Attack

Roccat is easily one of the most average teams in the EU LCS, as evidenced by their 5-5 record and their spot in the middle of the standings, but they played like all-stars on Saturday. They banned Braum early on and forced G2 off the easy funnel comp. G2 then went with a slightly more traditional strategy that saw Jankos on Trundle and Perkz on Lucian in mid.

Jankos begged Riot earlier this year to change the viability of the funnel comp so he could play something other than support champions. The problem is, every time he’s gotten a traditional jungle champ this split he’s managed to screw things up. Saturday vs Roccat was no exception.

G2’s jungler flubbed an early top lane gank and handed First Blood over to Memento’s Kindred. Then it was all downhill from there. Roccat didn’t surrender a single kill and finished the game 11-0 in 28 minutes. It was one of the most dominant games of the split so far and G2 looked worse than they have all year.

Week 5 EU LCS Standings

Things don’t get much easier for them next week either. They’ll face off against a decent Splyce squad on Friday then a strong Schalke on Saturday. Meanwhile, Roccat has an easy Friday match against the winless H2K and a tougher Saturday match against 5-5 Splyce.

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