Fnatic beat Misfits on Saturday and handed the squad their first loss of the split, but the team’s first match of the weekend was on Friday against Unicorns of Love, who struggled mightily to deal with a dominant Irelia from Caps.

Fnatic vs Misfits was the week’s marquee match, but Fnatic’s game against UoL was a good warm up. Bwipo took Gangplank to the bot lane and managed to keep Heimerdinger in his place. Soaz had a harder time in the top lane as he struggled with Gragas going up against Whiteknight’s Mundo. But in the end, it was the mid matchup that sealed the deal for Fnatic. Caps’ Irelia obliterated Exileh’s Zoe throughout every phase of the game. The mid-laner finished things off with an ace and a 15/0/3 stat line.

Meanwhile, Misfits easily finished off Roccat on Friday to improve to 9-0, but their Saturday match against Fnatic was the one everyone was looking forward to. Things got off to a hot start in the draft phase when Caps took Wukong for the first time this year, and it only got better from there.

Fnatic committed four champs to the top lane for a level 1 gank of Alphari. Misfits answered that a few minutes later with a bot lane gank that took down Bwipo and Hylissang, but then the game turned into the Caps show. Sencux and his Yasuo just couldn’t do anything against Wukong and pretty soon, neither could the rest of Misfits. Fnatic cruised to a fairly easy win after taking Baron 25 minutes in.

Misfits and Fnatic finished the week in first and second place respectively with records of 9-1 and 7-3, but Fnatic are the ones with all the momentum heading into the second half of the split.

Week 5 EU LCS Standings

Next week, Misfits will face off against Unicorns of Love and Splyce. Fnatic are up against a good Schalke team first, but then take on the winless H2K in their second match of the week.

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