Per information from Charlie Intel, Activision has announced a number of rewards for Call of Duty players to watch its ever-popular, Call of Duty League series this summer.

In a series of announcements regarding the 2020 league season, Activision Blizzard confirmed that the league format will now feature 12 teams rather than the usual eight.

Call of Duty League watchers will get free rewards this summer.

This means a change to the prize pool as well as some small rule changes, with home series wins now being more important than ever in getting to the Grand Final.

But the big news for the more casual CoD player is the announcement of free content just for tuning in. Per Charlie Intel, Activision has confirmed the following.

Watching Call of Duty League competition will soon earn you exclusive cross-platform in-game Call of Duty League-themed rewards, including new team emblems, sprays, and animated calling cards. Earn in-game rewards by enjoying live Call of Duty League matches on the CDL website or COD companion app while signed into your Activision account

What those free items are, remains to be seen. However, it’s certainly something to entice Call of Duty players into checking out the action over the summer.

The league continues this coming weekend with the Seattle Surge hosted league event. Sunday also plays host to the first-ever ‘Warzone Weekend’ event. This will see all 12 teams drop into the Warzone map to fight for supremacy as the last team standing.

How will gamers get their hands on free Call of Duty content?

As described by Activision, the easiest way to get the free content on offer will be to tune into the league games live.

You can watch the league through Youtube, where Call of Duty League has their own channel.

As with most popular games, it’s likely that developers will drop codes during the stream for players to then put into their game to redeem. However, there’s no confirmation of how this will work as yet.

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