Club Penguin is still enjoying a revival of sorts during the lockdown and one of the burning questions for players is how to skate on the game.

The Disney classic is enjoying some hefty playing time from users around the world. It’s interactive features and throwback gameplay is drawing in both old and new players.

Club Penguin

Within the game, there’s a whole host of fun things for players to do. Whether it be taking their penguin to the shopping mall or training your Puffle, there’s something for everyone in Club Penguin.

But what could be more fun than taking your character for a nice skate? And we aren’t talking skating as in ice skating, we mean proper skateboarding.

Yes, that’s right, you can take your penguin out to bust some killer moves in the skatepark.

How to skate on Club Penguin

Like a lot of things within Club Penguin, it’s really easy to take your penguin skateboarding if you know how.

All you need to do is follow a few simple instructions and you’ll be flying up and down the half-pipe in no time.

  • Click the skatepark on the map. This is to the far right of the map
  • Once there, buy a skateboard by clicking the skateboards in the park
  • Equip the skateboard to your penguin as you would any normal inventory item
  • Move over one of the arrows on the half-pipe and away you go

It’s pretty fun to see your penguin catching some air time in the skatepark.

Go check it out, along with all the other fun features you can experience with the Club Penguin world.

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