Club Penguin is undergoing a resurgence as people struggle to fill their time and here’s how you can dig for rare items and coins in the game.

The Disney classic has seen a major surge in users over the last few days at least. With so many people bored in lockdown or isolation, Club Penguin is offering some social interaction.

The game, originally brought out in 2005, allows you to create a penguin and make your way around an island to complete tasks and collections.

One of the best ways to collect things is getting your Puffle to dig. Your Club Penguin companion will dig wherever you tell them too and produce something from the ground for your collection.

How to dig on Club Penguin

Digging away on Club Penguin is one of the most simple tasks within the game.

To start with, you’ll obviously need a Puffle. You can buy one of these right at the start of the game from the pet shop for as little as 400 coins. (We opted for the red Puffle!)

Club Penguin

Club Penguin Puffle. ((Wikipedia Commons)

From here, it couldn’t be easier. Simply click your Puffle’s icon on the bottom taskbar. It is titled ‘Puffle Tricks’ if you hover over it.


On there, you should see a money sack or ‘swag’ bag. Simply click on that icon (it’s bigger than the rest) to get your Puffle doing some work.

What will the Puffle find when digging

Your Puffle will find a whole raft of different items throughout the game.

Be warned though, you can’t just constantly click on the money bag and continuously dig. The bag needs to respawn or regenerate, so to speak. Once it is available though (and it does so quickly), you can immediately click it and send your Puffle into the ground.

You’ll find your pet finds a whole host of different items. Coins, posters, furniture, you name it, and your Puffle can probably find it.

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