With Valorant bowing to fan pressure and releasing a ranked system, how to rank up quickly in Valorant has become a question many want the answers to.

The Valorant Beta is still proving hugely popular within the gaming world. Players from around the world are launching themselves into the game as they await the full release later in the year.

Riot Games seem to have hit the jackpot with the game if early indications are anything to go by.

Near-record Twitch viewers and top gamers from around the world committing themselves to Valorant gameplay means Riot should have a sure-fire hit on their hands.

But ranking up within the game is the new agenda for many players. Since releasing the ranking system, gamers are determined to prove their worth. After all, being top dog in any game brings an element of status with it.

So, just how should budding Valorant players go about ranking up quickly?

How to rank up quickly in Valorant

While there’s no cheat code or way to get yourself up the rankings at super speed, there are a number of things you can do you get yourself up the boards quicker.

First off, and most obviously, is getting yourself some wins. Winning games means ranking points. Ranking points mean climbing the ladder quickly. Try to get multiple wins in a row to rank up even faster.



Secondly, make sure you’re contributing to the team when you do get a win. While team wins do get points, the individual performance also contributes. So, if you’re sat camping and doing little, don’t expect to come out with a whole load of ranking points.

Individual play is even more important if you end up losing. Even in a loss, the game will reward you for a fine performance.

With eight ranks available within Valorant, players will be battling it out to land the top spot quicker than their peers. These tips, then, can help you get on your way.

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