How to make your igloo bigger in Club Penguin is one of the common questions doing the rounds amongst players both new and old of the game.

With worldwide lock downs still in full flow, plenty of people are still getting stuck into Club Penguin.

The game has proven popular again thanks to the boredom and lack of socialising people are experiencing. Disney released the game back in 2005 and it’s re-release has enjoyed a boom in success.

Club Penguin (Flickr)

There are many nuances and tasks within the game to master. From getting certain types of Puffle to completing different challenges within the game, there’s fun to be had for all.

In the game, you have your very own igloo. In your igloo you can keep your Puffles, decorate it, and invite your friends to explore your home.

However, everyone starts with just a standard igloo. So, how do people end up with a bigger home and how do you go about getting one? We’ve got the information you need right here.


How to get a bigger igloo on Club Penguin

It’s pretty simple to get your hands on a bigger or different igloo in Club Penguin. As long as you have enough coins, you can simply use the igloo catalogue to pick a new and improved home.

  • Click on the map and head to your own igloo
  • Click on the ‘buy items’ book on the right hand side of your screen
  • This opens the furniture and igloo catalogue
  • Select the igloo you want to buy and purchase with coins

You can also buy limited edition furniture, time-limited items, and move to different locations on the map if you please.


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