The Valorant Beta is currently taking the gaming world by storm but there remains a couple of issues, such as how to fix the voice chat issue in the game.

Valorant Voice chat

Valorant has been experiencing some issues with voice chat during the Beta (Twitchblog)

A number of users are experiencing a problem when it comes to chatting with their friends in the game.

In FPS, communication is often key. Therefore, it’s safe to say that not being able to chat with your pals during a game of Valorant could be a bit of an issue.

Hopefully, as the game is still in the Beta phase, any issues like this will be ironed out by the time the full game is released later in 2020.

For now, though, there are a few things to try if you’re experiencing chat issues within the game.

How to fix voice chat in Valorant

While there is no concrete fix in place or word from the developers, there are a few things that can be tried.

A discussion point on Reddit pointed out that it could be to do with your desktop settings on your PC or laptop. To fix this, you can try and follow the steps below. (Example specific to Windows 10)

  • Allow desktop apps to access microphone
  • Click on settings
  • Click privacy
  • Click on microphone and allow desktop access

This should solve the issue. For those not on Windows 10, there will be other workarounds.

Failing that, it looks like it might be something Valorant players have to deal with for now. As we said, it’s more than likely a minor issue that the game will have fixed by the time it’s released.


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