Valorant is currently dominating Twitch as the Beta for the game launched this week but many are wondering how to add friends for a more personal gameplay.

The newly released Beta from Riot Games has drawn in hundreds of thousands of players and attracted millions of views across live streams.

The concept, which can be attributed to the likes of Overwatch and Counter Strike, sees players line up in teams of five for a new FPS experience.

Characters in the game are unique. Rather than just have weapons, your chosen character also possesses some special abilities. Mastering those abilities is the key to winning games.

But like with any good computer game, most people want to play with friends. Playing with your buddies is one of the best things about the modern gaming experience.

So, does Valorant give players that function? We’ve had a look at if it’s possible within the Beta.

How to add friends on Valorant

In short, there’s no quick-fire way to ensure you can play with your friends on Valorant.

There is an option within the game to add friends, however, various players have reported on Reddit that this isn’t working out too well for them.

It’s worth a try, though. So, if you want to try and add your mates, follow these steps.

  • Click on add friend at the bottom of your friends list
  • Type in their name into the section available
  • Type their number into the other section (you can see this by hovering over the name)
  • This should allow you to add your friends

As mentioned, though, this may or may not work for you. After all, Valorant is still in the Beta stage and it might be that Riot haven’t quite got round to sorting this feature out just yet.

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