Another day, and it’s another error, with how to fix the Valorant Vanguard not initialized error being the latest to blight gamers in their attempts to, well, game.

Valorant is enjoying unprecedented success during its Beta phase but it hasn’t come without its problems either.

A whole catalogue of errors and different messages are preventing players from getting online on a daily basis.

A number of different ‘error code’ messages are the usual issues, however, Valorant Vanguard not initialized is the latest to be annoying fans of the game this week.



Like with most errors in any game, and especially in Valorant, there are a number of different fixes to try.

Hopefully, the fixes will work and get you back online quickly. Failing that, you’ll need to speak to Riot to see if they can assist you further.

How to fix the Valorant Vanguard not initializing error

Essentially, this error seems to be a problem with the Vanguard software rather than Valorant, per se.

There are, then, a number of things you can attempt to do to get yourself back online.

  • First, simply shut down Vanguard completely and try and go back into the software
  • Secondly, close down Vanguard and reboot your machine entirely
  • Third, you will have to go a step further and completely uninstall Vanguard. From here, reinstall the software and the error will, hopefully, be sorted
  • It’s also worth shutting down your system once you’ve downloaded and installed the software

If you’re still struggling at this point, then it’s time to raise a ticket with the Riot developers and see if they can help you further.

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