How to fix Valorant error code 12 is something that is causing players a big problem as Riot Games’ Beta continues to gather pace.

April has been a fine month for the developers of Valorant. The game has taken the online gaming community by storm.



Riot has seemingly hit the jackpot with the game. An FPS in the same sort of mould as Overwatch, Valorant has attracted near world-record viewership on Twitch in the last few weeks.

The game continues to prove popular and more and more people are being given the chance to play through the ‘Beta keys’ being dropped.

However, a number of errors are causing a few issues for players. And while there are a number of different things that can seemingly break, this error code 12 seems to be one causing a lot of stress.

Thankfully, it looks like the error can be easily resolved and shouldn’t prevent too much game time.

How to fix Valorant error code 12

Fixing error code 12 is something that is as easy as can be really. There’s no messing around needed and it’s not something that’s wrong with a player’s computer or system.

In fact, the error is known in the community and to the developers. It is thought that error code 12 simply relates to a problem with the Vanguard client from Riot.

Put simply, if you get the error code 12, then you’ll need to to do one of two things.

  • Close down the client completely and reboot the Riot Vanguard suite
  • Force your system/computer into a full restart and load up the client again

Both of these should allow you to fix the problem and get back to playing Valorant in no time at all.

Of course, if the problem persists, then you’ll need to raise an error ticket with the Riot Games people.

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