Sims 4 is becoming the go-to game for a number of people currently in self-isolation and along with the many quirks of the game, people will be wondering if they can adopt a child.

In real life, adopting a child is a huge step to take. It takes months and sometimes years of paperwork, checks, and suitability meetings to get to the end goal. However, this is not the case in Sims 4.

Adopting a child in Sims 4 couldn’t be much simpler. In fact, it’s bordering on scary just how easy it is to bring a new child into your Sim home!

But, alas, this is the world of video games, after all, so we shouldn’t take things too seriously.

So for all those budding – and actual – parents out there, just how do you adopt a child on Sims 4?

How to adopt a child in Sims 4

Adopting a child in Sims 4 is really a simple process. As long as you have a computer in your house and enough space in the family, you’re good to go.

PS4 Sims


Once you’ve fired Sims 4 up and got your computer (or mobile phone) in place, you can follow these easy steps to adopt a child.

  1. Head over to your computer or have your elder Sim open up their mobile phone
  2. From here, you need to select the third tab along. It looks like a house
  3. Then, select ‘hire a service’ on the tab
  4. At the very bottom of the ‘hire a service’ option is a box saying ‘Adopt a Child’
  5. A list of available children up for adoption will appear. Simply select the one you want.

Once you’ve selected your newly found Sim to adopt, wait around for a short time and as if by magic, your newly adopted Sim child will appear within your house.

Things to know about adopting a child in Sims 4

While it’s a simple process to adopt a child in the game, there are some things you have to watch out for.

First off, you will need 1000 Simoleons to adopt a child. If you don’t have this, then you can’t do it.

Secondly, you can’t really see what type of child you are getting. There’s no listing of genders or child skills. Essentially, you’ll have to pick your child based on a headshot. Grim, we know.

Finally, you cannot adopt teenagers. You can only adopt children or toddlers. Furthermore, you have to stick within the family limit of eight.


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