You know you need to find out the location of every Fortnite vending machine, well we’ve got you covered.

The Vending Machine has been live on Fortnite for about a day now, and it looks to be a positive addition. Patch v3.4’s only real significant addition; the vending machine allows players to trade in material for weapons and items.

You can change anything from 100 to 500 material, with something like a golden scar costing 500 metal. Which, unless you either land at the containers or get lucky and find a llama, you might not manage to get.


Fortnite introduces a Vending Machine and changes bloom in v3.4 patch

That being said, there are some excellent locations of the vending machine that should make it very easy for you to at least get something decent. Possibly the best are the three located very close to Moisty Mire. Gathering wood in the mire is just so easy, and there are quite a few chests around so you can get other materials too. In fact, there is a llama that does sometimes spawn close by so you should be able to use one of the vending machines to get something cool.

If you’re wondering where else to land to get your best bang for the buck at a vending machine, then here is a convenient map thanks to Fortnite Intel, showing the location of every Fortnite vending machine.

Looking at it, there are several places to land at or nearby to make use of the vending machines. Wailing Woods or Junk Junction could be two other excellent calls, as too could be Snobby Shores thanks to the woods close to it.

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