There is now a Retail Row portal that is destroying the supermarket!

It looks like we’ll be writing more of these articles over the coming days, as another portal has opened in Fortnite.

You know the score now, the rocket has caused a rift in time and space and is sucking up various location signs.

So far, we have seen Lonely Lodge, Tomato Town, and the Motel already get sucked in. Now rifts are two more locations!

The first one has appeared in Retail Row at the Noms supermarket; the next to go through the portals. However, it won’t be the last one; one Twitter account pointing out where the fifth location would be.


Give Us A Sign!

The tweet from Fortnite Leakage shows various assets, including the Tomato Town sign, the Noms sign, and what appears to the burger sign from Greasy Grove. There are three new signs though, with a western-style stagecoach, Viking anchor, and a vast desert skeleton.

Interestingly, we don’t know if these locations are being added to a new map or are getting removed from the current map.

One thing is for sure though; Epic Games is doing an incredible job at hyping up future seasons.

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