Have you seen the Tomato Town portal?

Yesterday we revealed that rifts caused by the rocket launch have appeared in Fortnite. In that story, only Lonely Lodge and the Motel were affected by it; over the past few hours, things have changed a lot!

For starters, the Motel sign has now been destroyed, with it appearing to be sucked into the mysterious portal.

Then there is the other big news; a rift has appeared in Tomato Town. Is it going to take the town’s giant Tomato sign?

With another week to go before the start of Season 5, we can only imagine that the majority of the map will be sucked up by these portals. Lonely Lodge and Tomato Town will be the first to go.

Portal Panic

If you are lucky enough, you may well see these portals suck up these signs. Reddit user TC_Angel did just that the other day.

When it happens, there is a large blue flash, and the sign utterly vanishes within seconds.

Why are these signs vanishing to portals?

Well, as was previously reported, many do believe that the next season will be history-themed; with players going back in time to stop the villain from launching the rocket.

With the signs going, we reckon that they will be pushed into a new map, but the areas will be slightly different, with older looking buildings etc.

Thankfully, it looks like we won’t have to remember any new location names, but instead get used to the new map layout.