When is the competitive Fortnite playlist coming out? Whenever it is, Myth is annoyed by the lack of info!

For a game to have an esports scene, it really does need a proper competitive scene. Look at Overwatch or Counter-Strike; they have comprehensive competitive playlists. You have to work your way up to become a top 100 player.

Despite not having one of these, Fortnite is still set to become one of the biggest esports around. Massive teams have already snapped up some of the best players, with the likes of TSM, FaZe and Liquid getting involved.

Incredibly though, there is no competitive playlist, there is no private lobby ability, and pro-players are NOT happy about it.

Myth’s Tweet to Epic

TSM captain, Myth, has hit out at Epic Games on Twitter saying they are not doing enough to help pro-players practice.

Interestingly, Epic did promise there would be competitive playlists coming to the game six months ago.

The Playground LTM has been used by pro-players to practice, with the likes of tfue and Myth facing off against each other.

However, this doesn’t seem to have really helped Myth as he has had some serious struggles in the Summer Skirmish events, with him again not ranking in the top 20 in week 5.

OpTic CouRage Tweet from Earlier his Year

Hopefully, Epic will bring out a competitive playlist soon enough. At least a limited time mode to allow pro players to play against equal or higher skilled players, for now.

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